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What's your travel plan this school break?

Its the time of the year again. Extended school break for students in Singapore. Many parents will want to spend quality time with their family and I'm pretty sure many of us think travelling out of Singapore is a good idea.

So, where will you be travelling to this time? We'll love to hear from you in comments. For those of you parents who are like me, waiting till the last minute, I've a few travel suggestions to help you out. **spoiler: I've chose these 5 places based on the information I learn from the Kids Map by Awesome Maps.

The giant Sequoia Tree

1) Largest Tree on Earth - USA, California

The giant Sequoia Tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum is located in California's Sequuoia National Park. The oldest tree is estimated to be more than 3000 years old while the largest tree also known as "General Sherman" is more than 52,000 cubic feet in volume and more than 83 meter tall.

A visit to General Sherman will be both an educational and back to nature experience for your family.

The Strokkur Geyser

2) One of the Most Active Geyser - Iceland, Haukadalur Valley

Already planned to visit Iceland for its Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis? While you are in Iceland, do make a trip to the Haukadalur Valley where you can also find the Strokkur Geyser. Strokkur Geyser is one of the 3 main attractions along the world famous Golden Circle route. If you have been holding back your travel plan to Iceland, this will be perfect reason to put the plan into action.

Active Geyser are rare around the world. Strokkur Geyser will shoot water every few minutes and up into the air by 30 meters. Isn't Geyser such an amazing work of nature!?

The Nile River

3) Longest River in the World - Egypt to Sudan

The Nile River stretches from Uganda to Egypt (sorry, Wakanda does not really exist) and is almost 7000km long. The Nile River is the source of many ecosystems along its path and many cities strives with it. The best way to experience Nile River is to hop onto one of the many cruises that pry the river. It will fit nicely to your travel plan if you are also planning to visit one of the cities it passes through like Luxor in Egypt. Personally, I can almost visual a trip to Egypt where I'll starts in Cairo to Luxor and cruise along Nile river and end the trip in Aswan.

The Junk Ship

4) Most widely used Ancient Boat/Ship - Asia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines

Widely believed to be first developed during the Han Dynasty (206BC - 220AD), the Junk Boat/Ship played an important role in the Chinese culture and domination across the regions. It aided the Chinese (specifically General Zheng He) in their technological innovation, trade and travel aspiration. Commonly sighted with their iconic red sail, the Junk Ship are still in used today in Hong Kong. Vietnam and Philippines.

Make a trip to the Halong Bay, Vietnam and spend a few nights on board one of these Junk Boat. It will be a different type of travel experience from all the "rush rush" travel package we are so sick of. You can even throw in some history lesson for your little ones too while on the Junk.

The Tasmanian Devil

5) The only Devil you will want to meet, Australia, Tasmania

Have you watch the Looney Toons carton? Isn't the Tasmanian Devil such are likable character? Wouldn't it be so cool to actually see a real-life version of it (spoiler alert: it does not spin in real-life). The Tasmanian Devil is now a highly endangered species due to a rare disease (Devil Facial Tumor Disease, DFTD) and is only found in wild on Tasmania. Sure seems like a good idea to visit them before their population dwell further. Remember the Tasmanian Tiger? You might even be able to catch the Southern Light, Aurora Australis while you are there.

Hope this list will at least help you to kick start your holiday planning. Will love to hear from you in comments where you will be bringing your family to this holiday. Do share with us your travel stories too!


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