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Thanks for Being My World, Daddy

I came from a humble family, my father worked hard to provide for the family while my mother managed the household. My father is extremely family-oriented and dotes on my mother a great deal. In order to express his support for my mother’s home cooked meals, he eats everything she cooks regardless of the taste or how full he already was. He transformed from a petite man to a petite man with a big tummy - yes, the dad bod.

When I was of age to enrol in a primary school, my father wanted me to enrol at the nearest school - save on school bus fees, more sleep hours, and he can walk me to school before heading to work. He was determined to send me to that school, despite enrollment rates going right through the roof. On the day of application, he started queuing at the school at 4:30 a.m. even though application didn’t start until 9 a.m. Queueing was simple, anyone could do it. But the way my father did it? It was love - another one of the little things in life that fathers does without hesitation, just to make life slightly easier for their family.

Fathers always take the blame for not caring enough and being emotionally and physically absent. In my opinion, they just happen to express love in a different way. Subtle it may seem, but once you grow up, you’ll start to see things the way they did. A father’s love knows no expiry date and is all-encompassing. 

From the day we were born, our fathers no longer prioritised themselves. We become so dear to them that they are willing to sacrifice many things to ensure our happiness. Life becomes less of what they want, and more of what they want for us. The silent warrior trades in his aspirations, in exchange for a comfortable life for the family. As time passes, gradually he forgets about his list of aspirations. From your first newborn cries, came onto his shoulders was the immense responsibility to provide, and care for you; his individual pleasure is simply no longer important.

This father’s day, acknowledge the sacrifices of this great man, and let him know that he can express his love by giving himself more.

Look no further for a meaningful, and personal gift - the ultimate Bucket List Map by Awesome Maps. Drawn and illustrated by pen, the creators of the map believe that the sincerity and vibrancy of their creation, like a father’s love, cannot be replaced by pure digital processes.

Present it to your father and thank him for having been your world all these time. Let him relive, once again, the life that he stashed away for you.

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