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KeepCup Clear-ly the Way to Go!

Garnering immense popularity since 2011, the third wave coffee culture, also known as specialty brews have fueled a phenomenon of “cafe-hopping” among the younger consumers. While this trend offers us a plethora of beautiful Instagram photographs of piping hot coffee, it is not all roses because it contributes to the harming of our environment.

Many cafes provide disposable coffee cups as a takeaway option for consumers. These cups, however, are lined with plastic polythene so as to waterproof the cups to contain liquid. While eco-friendly cafes advertise that their cups are fully recyclable, the rates at which they are actually being recycled is depressing. Due to the make of the cups, recycling is very complicated and most of the time, a majority of these cups end up not being recycled. By 2015, only a mere 9% of plastics were recycled.

It is not wrong to need coffee daily, but there is more you can do as a consumer, to slow down the rate at which plastic waste is being generated. Keepcup, an Australia-based reusable cup brand is a good alternative for disposable coffee cups.

Four years, and counting The estimated lifespan of a KeepCup is four years, but taking good care of it will help in extending its usable life, which also means you can potentially reduce more waste! The KeepCup Clear is made with Tritan, a plastic-free of BPA (bis-phenol A), or other bis-phenol compounds for that matter. It is also tough, and impact-resistant - the ideal cup for clumsy people like myself. With that said, yes, you can toss your KeepCup inside your bag without worrying that it will cave into your books and whatnot, and you can use it without fear of it shattering the moment it slips out of your hands. If I get a dollar every time I dropped something, I would be able to quit my job and still live comfortably.

Travel light! Tritan is much lighter than glass, so using a KeepCup would really take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Furthermore, the design of KeepCup is short (literally), and simple. The design enables the cup to sit comfortably inside most bag sizes, and there’s still room for your essentials. There is absolutely no need to remove other items just to fit your drink, not even if you’re in the mood for a smaller bag. The lid fits tightly so you don’t have to worry about leakages. Forget glass bottles and ceramic mugs, KeepCup Clear is here to save the day!

You’re hot, then you’re cold Unlike most other disposable cups and bottles, KeepCup is designed to contain both hot, and cold drinks. The cup can be heated up to 100°C with the lid off. The ability to store hot and cold drinks mean that there is no need to get more than one cup for days you prefer something different. And if you are fickle-minded like me, changing from a hot drink to a cold drink can be done so immediately without disposing of any cups. Cheers to another moment fighting pollution!

Simple, yet colourful KeepCup follows a very basic design scheme. There are no fanciful designs or special engraving in attempts to set the user apart from others. It simply offers a palette of colours specially chosen based on a particular environment-related message. Surprisingly, this simplistic design scheme is far from boring. It ignites a lot of imagination, and really makes me wonder, will the earth be as vibrant as the cups if pollution was reduced to its minimum?

Discounted coffee Yes, using KeepCup at selected cafes entitle you to lovely brews at discounted rates! 

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