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Gardening @ Homes and Offices - Happy Labour Day 2018

Folks are like plants; We all lean towards the light. - Kris Carr

For many years, a garden to grow plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits will need a large area of the backyard. These days, with space becoming more difficult to find especially in cities, many urbanites have begun to adopt urban gardening, or growing plants in their apartment homes and offices, as a way to bring some nature into their lives.


Surrounding ourselves with plants is good for our health, and is a great way to de-stress and possibly a quick escape from the busy city life around us. Urban gardening can be made easy with the right tools, and is a great hobby for anyone, young or older, to start and maintain. 

Growing plants in our apartment home or office is a great way to find a sense of accomplishment, and a great hobby to pick up. There is something very special about finding the ideal plant and watching it grow and thrive. Whether it is a flowering plant, a green tropical, or a succulent, you can always pour in all your tender care and attention to just watch your urban garden grow. 

As the awareness of the quality of life and overall health became prominent, many of us are also starting to wonder what exactly are we eating and where it comes from. This larger awareness has been leading to this increasing number of urban dwellers started a "green revolution" of growing their own food.


Depending on the light you have in your apartment home or office, you can grow a variety of different types of plants. There is always a plant for every location, whether you have a sunny windowsill or a shady nook in your office. Bringing plants and greenery into your space is a great way to allow yourself to enjoy nature, even if you are in an apartment home or office.

Caring for your urban garden is easy too. One of the best tools that you can get for your urban garden is a self-watering pot. A self-watering pot allows you to enjoy greenery and plants without the worry of forgetting to water them. These pots take the stress out of gardening, and make every gardener a green thumb, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Growing herbs and vegetables is a great way to bring greenery into our urban environment, and it is always fun to plant some of our own food and watch it grow. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a plant grow and produce food that you are able to harvest from it.

Many urbanites that decide to start an urban garden in their apartment homes or offices are attempting to bring nature into their space. Urban gardening, whether you have one plant or ten planters, is a great way to get involved in the space around you and contribute something to your apartment home or office.

Many plants are easy to care for and require little maintenance. Some can be more of a challenge, but with the right tools, can also be very rewarding. Always take an inventory of the space that you have available in your apartment home or office, and what kind of light coming into your growing area.


Every apartment home or office need a plant that to complete it. Growing plants where you live and work is a great way to feel more relaxed and to de-stress. Plants purify the air around you and allow you to focus on what is important in life, and help you to bring some nature into your urban spaces.

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