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Did Junos About Yuzu?

Yuzu, also known as citrus junos, have their origins in Tibet. With over a thousand years of history, they are often described as a cross between grapefruit, lime, and mandarin orange. Yuzu fruits are commonly cultivated and used in Korea and Japan. During the Nara period, Japanese farmers grew yuzu fruits mainly for culinary, hot bathing, and medicinal purposes.

Yuzu fruits pack a lot more punch than just regular citrus fruits. According to a study at Shitennoji University, the scent of yuzu fruits can alleviate negative emotional stress, and lower anxiety levels. Yuzu fruits are also wonders at relieving inflammation, preventing blood clot, and protecting brain health. It is even more beneficial for ladies, because this power fruit is filled with vitamin C and flavonoids. Both agents are essential in anti-aging, and achieving healthy and bright skin.

#01 Yuzu Water

Yuzu fruit is, on its own, packed with nutritious benefits. Citrus press one yuzu fruit, and drink with water to savour the zesty citrus burst, au naturale!

#02 Yuzu with Osmanthus

Osmanthus helps reduce phlegm, ease menstrual pain, and prevent bad breath. For those trying to lose weight, the aroma of osmanthus helps suppress appetite and curbs binge eating. Start by adding warm water to dried osmanthus buds. Steep for a few minutes before adding one yuzu fruit (citrus pressed) into the bottle. Fill to brim with cold water and voila, fruity and floral delight!

#03 Chia-chia with Yuzu

Chia seeds are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, iron, and calcium. Increased fiber intake has been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and risk of developing diabetes. A diet with adequate fiber also prevents constipation, and promotes a healthy digestive tract. Citrus press one yuzu fruit, add in the chia seeds, and let the seeds soak for a few minutes before serving.

Citrus Zinger Original by ZingAnthing

Simply soaking the fruit is not enough to unleash its true potential in health benefits. For best effect, press the citrus to savour the juice and pulp. The bottles by Zing Anything comes with a grinder attachment designed specifically for pressing citrus. The compartment holds the fruit at the bottom of the bottle, thus allowing easy and hassle-free drinking with every sip. Available in several variations, there will be a bottle that caters to your specific preferences. 

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