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About Us

Shinnpark makes gift shopping a wonderful new experience for you! We thrive to enrich your hectic daily life by bringing to you the ideal gift that is inventive and one that lights up the face of your loved one. You will have more time with your family and friends. Your precious time should be spent playing with your children, sharing a coffee with your friends or even gazing into the eyes of your loved one and not getting "lost" in the messy and confusing retail world.


Let us do the burrowing for you and we will surprise you with the amazing inventive gifts and games we have found for you from all over the world.


Pause for a moment and appreciate our logo. There is a playful rabbit hiding in Shinnpark. Have you spotted the long ears of the rabbit?


Check out "Our Thoughts" for the latest updates from us.


meet the team


Gin Oh

Chief Farmer

mr tan.png

Tan Jenn-Chye

Head of Field Canvassing

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