It’s wondrous how music makes people come together. Have you always wanted to get an amplifier for your iPod/iPhone but hate high end technology stuff? We salute to innovators, dreamers and designers that make us who we are. If you have always like exceptional design that is both simple, refined and a-bit-of-fun-loving factor, you will feel that same way we do. Introducing MegaPhone.

Megaphone from RACOON_STUDIO on Vimeo.

When it arrived our home, we were literally blown away with the design — A passive amplifier with no electrical cords! What a stunning ceramic wonder : a shell that will naturally boost the volume your favorite tunes. With a flawless ceramic body, available in both white and black, and a wooden stand, the MegaPhone works like a gramophone but is built for the iAge.

“To emphasize the ‘back to the roots’ vision and to enhance the low tech appearance of the MegaPhone we decided to use materials from ancient crafts: wood and ceramics.”


Description & Dimension

Designed by en&is, the iPhone MegaPhone uses natural acoustics to amplify the existing speaker on an iPhone. The designers wanted to juxtapose the electronic complexity of the iPhone with the low-tech simplicity of a ceramic horn. Made in the Italian city of Nove, a region famous for its ceramic works, each MegaPhone is crafted by hand.  The wooden tripod is made from sustainably harvested Italian Walnut. One part functional speaker, one part modern art, the iPhone MegaPhone is an elegant home audio solution.

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  • Compatible withiPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (from the second generation onwards) with case.
  • Black and White available. Gold is available upon request of pre-order.
  • Dimensions: 45cm L x 32cm W x 34cm H
  • Safely packed for immediate delivery
  • Handcrafted in Italy


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