Sometimes, the fondest memories are from those Round-The-World trips! While clearing the clutter in the room today, I was horrified to see that one of the old photos turned all moldy and stuck at the corner of an old photo album. Feeling an overwhelming loss, I was determined to catalog these old photos and turn them into digital formats so that they can be preserved forever! Wohooo.

While scanning them(*yawns), I spotted a typical sightseeing ‘touristy’ photo dated in 1987, China.  What caught my eye was this oversized Parisian-inspired Egyptian printed top that my mum was wearing! I guess this could be one of those numerous photos that I wish I have brought to my design classes for sources of inspiration.

I am sure most of you will have loads of beautiful photos to share but sadly, old photos are always seen piling up in those old dusty boxes. Worst, especially in this digital era, they are always seemingly stored in a small fragment of your hard disk. Every photo tells a story and it shows the time, era and fashion! In years to come, you will learn to appreciate these memories more! Looking back at these photos now, I’m so glad that my dad was an avid photographer!

While writing this, I got a sweet tweet on this gorgeous ‘Round-The-World Bag’ (I would call it, lol) RedCamper, a site belonging to a talented designer, created this ingenious handbag made out of charming vintage slides! What fascinated me, was how the bag is being made. As mentioned on her site, every RedCamper bag is handsewn with a 1928 shoe making Singer sewing machine! Featured below is U.S.A. * Florida * Souvenir Slides 1970′s and its Hawaiian Dreams in a MidWestern Reality – 1950′s.

To begin with, they serve as great ice-breakers for the meet-new-friends sessions. No more awkward moments. With the right colour combination and flavorful slides, they are great for flaunting your laid-back beach trips! What is really unique about each bag is that all of them are journeys made by the person and its one of its kind in the entire world. Such beautiful memories are after all, priceless. :) Check out the online store at RedCamper for more.

Slide projectors were common in the 1950s and 1960s as a form of entertainment; family members and friends would gather to view slide shows.  Everyone would gathered around the slide projector during end-year parties and everyone would ‘ooohh’ and ‘awww’ over every single slide. Such form of activities are great for building relationships and share knowledge on places of cultural interest.

Where is your favourite journey?